Virtual Brand Shoot

by Three Boudoir

We need more of you in our lives!
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Virtual Brand Shoot

More of you in your photos on social media and on your website that is! [wink] That’s why we are making it the easiest it has ever been to get professional brand photos for your business, on the regular, for your use on social media or wherever else you choose.

Step 1

A professional photographer meets you in the comfort of your home via phone or computer.

Step 2

Photos are taken virtually while you receive step by step coaching and styling.

Step 3

Receive back your professionally edited photos back the same day as your shoot.

Physical distancing and quarantine are not stopping us!

The Virtual Brand Photoshoot is the easiest and most economical way to get fab-u-lous photos of you for social media on a regular basis.

Weave your Virtual Brand Photoshoot images in between stock photos, quotes, and video content to mix it up. These are the real-life looking shots that show you being you and capture your everyday.

These are the photos that people connect with because The Virtual Photoshoot is designed to simply capture your essence. Not a lot of fluff, and a ton of impact and a ton of fun! It’s the perfect combo.

CAUTION: The virtual brand photos are likely to pump up your social media and online presence. These new photos might give people something new to talk about in all the right ways!

Shall we start making photo magic for your business? Smart move, CEO!

Let's Break it Down

1 / Before

As soon as you book your Virtual Photoshoot, we’ll send you Prep-Video to walk you through how to prepare to make every minute count!

2 / Virtual Room

We meet at the scheduled shoot time using FaceTime or Google Duo depending on the device you are using.

3 / Coaching

To kick off our virtual experience, we’ll get to know you, confirm your virtual photoshoot outfit, put finishing touches in the room with you, adjust the “camera” position (i.e., your computer or your mobile device) for optimal lighting, and make sure everything is just right for your shoot.

4 / Virtual BFFs

Your photographer will style your room with you and guide you on how to adjust the camera, how to pose, or what to move in the room. You won’t be left doing anything alone! As your new Virtual BFF, we’ve got your back.

5 / Be Wowed

Once the shoot wraps up, we’ll give you a virtual hug and we’ll sneak away to edit your photos. Within 24 hours you’ll have 10 professionally edited photos for immediate download and you’ll have more that you can check out for a purchase in your online gallery.

I'm Ready To Book!

Included in Your $125 Virtual Brand Photoshoot:


Let's Hang Out!

Brand photos take time and money to produce. Plus, it’s hard to put a full shoot together regularly. On top of that, a little variety and showing off real-life you is good for engagement! 

The Virtual Brand Photoshoot is a simple, creative, and FUN photo solution to visually enhance your content and weave in the variety that people are craving!  Give the people what they want–MORE OF YOU!


You’ve got questions. We have answers. And if there is an answer we do not have, fill out our contact form and we’ll find the A to your Q.
Are all of these photos actually taken virtually?

Yes! Every. Single. Photo. We understand that it’s pretty unbelievable that our photographers can capture all of what you see here through a FaceTime or Google Duo call. Once you go through a shoot and see how they use their years of experience to guide you through the posing process, you’ll get it! Add professional photo editing to the mix and voila! Check out our Instagram for more!

How many outfits should I be ready with?

One to two outfits! We’ll get more shots if we have just one outfit, but it’s not a bad idea to have outfit just in case. But if you can’t decide on an outfit, do not worry. We can help with that, you can just grab a basic white shirt or tank top, or sweater, or we can just grab a sheet off of your bed. Seriously, when we team up, we can make anything look amazing.

What if my space is small/messy/dark/outdoors?

A small space will work just fine! Find an area in your home that you love and scoot those piles of laundry and books out of view. 😉 The best images come from a room with a nice window but we’ll work together to create the perfect lighting. Want to have your shoot outdoors? Let’s do it!

Can’t decide which of your spaces you like best? We got you! During our 45 mins together we’ll have time to switch rooms or pop outside for a little extra variety.

Do I pick the 10 photos I get?

Yes, we’ll load all of your edited photos into your folder and you pick your 10 favorites to download right away. Bam!

What if I want more than 10 edited photos?
We highly suspect you will want more than 10 photos. Because this is such a fun experience and we know you are going to love the experience and the photos, additional photos will absolutely be available for purchase from your online gallery ala carte or bundled up.
Do I need a computer?

No computer needed. Your mobile phone or tablet is a-okay.

What if I can’t get more photos now, but I want them so bad?
No stress, we’ll keep your photos for you for two weeks after your virtual photoshoot so you’ll have extra time.
Can I print my photos?

You sure can, but know that our virtual photoshoot is best for printing small photos (like polaroids, which we can print for you) with a vintage feel or for sharing photos online via social media and with friends and family. If you want something large printed for your wall or as a gift in an album or a large high quality photo for print media or to showcase on your website, we recommend a full in-person experience and can recommend you to local brand photographers for an in-person shoot.

P.S. All of our photos The Virtual Photoshoot website and our brand sites were all competed during Virtual Photoshoots. Wanted to call that out if you want to see if these photos will be okay for you to use anywhere on your website. You may choose to use these photos on your website as well. Any credit you throw our way is much appreciated!

Who takes the photos? Are these selfies or…?
Your Virtual Photoshoot team takes the photos! This is not “selfie-coaching” we will be taking the photos for you! We’ll need you to position the camera and we’ll work you through lighting and styling the space – but you will not need to figure how to pose, hold the device, and click the button all at the same time. We’ve got you.

Let's have some fun!


You are strong and courageous.
Even if you don't feel like it today.
Even if you feel like giving up today.
You have what it takes to survive, rise, and even thrive.
Love, Three Boudoir

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